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Vickers MG Set PARA004 $50.00   Product Details
- Sniper Team PARA006 $65.00   Product Details
- The Raiders SS017A $65.00   Product Details
The Messenger SS 014(A) $50.00 : A late war SS soldier delivers urgent dispatches for his comrades at the front. Goes superbly with SS016 Command Set or with other figures of yourchoice. The bicycle is detachable from the figure and can be used separately if desired as a diorama piece. Product Details
sig 33 artillery piece SS 015(A) $85.00 in winter version limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Comes with 1 crew member who is decorating a 150mm shell with a message forthe Allies. 2 letters 'FU' have been inscribed so far in chalk, we will let you decide what the rest of the message says! Comes w Product Details
Command Set SS 016(A) $70.00   Product Details
rider SS 018(A) $50.00 A later war SS soldier looks back at his comrade before setting off for the final battle, rider is detachable from bike and can be used as an accessory elsewhere within your diorama. Limited to 200 sets Winter version. Product Details
rider SS 019(A) $50.00 A late war SS soldier takes a drink maybe for the last time before heading into battle, this winter version limited to 200 sets worldwide. Bicycle is detachable from rider and can be used as a separate diorama piece if required. Product Details
ACC Pack 001 ACC Pack 001 $40.00 Goes with ground crew or Vehicle Maintenance Group. Product Details
Pilot Demonstrating LUFT 002(A) $29.00   Product Details
Ground Crew With Paint Brush LUFT 004(A) $29.00   Product Details
Sentries PARA 002(A) $56.00 A must have with some of the other sets! Product Details
THE PRISONER PARA 003(A) $56.00   Product Details
FW190 ARMIN FABER VERSION LUFT 001(A) $160.00 Limited to 150 aircraft worldwide this famous aircraft is depicted as the one flown by Armin Faber when he mistakenly landed on a Welsh airfield after a dog fight over the Bristol Channel Product Details

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